Planet Agro Ltd. a well received name in the poultry sector of Bangladesh. The company started producing Day Old Chicks (DOC) in 2015 and since then it is providing the market “chicks with quality excellence”.

Breeder Farm & Hatchery of this company has state of the art equipments along with a very efficient team having long experience and outstanding track records, which strengthens the performance of maintaining quality throughout the process. Currently, the company is selling its products nationwide via a strong sales distributor channel.

The company is currently producing chicks of Hubburd Classic (France) origin. It has further plan to rear other types of famous chicks in the coming days.

**Current Production: 600,000 DOC/month,
**Expected Production in 2020: 1.5 million DOC/month

Hubbard Classic

The Hubbard CLASSIC Package unquestionably offers the best balance and versatility in terms of reproductive and broiler performance.

The main qualities of the Hubbard CLASSIC Broiler are strong initial growth coupled with very good FCR. Its robustness and adaptability are evident under any temperature and feed conditions. Its overall benefits allow it to obtain the lowest cost price for the live, whole bird or ready-to-cook markets, thanks to its high total meat yield.

The Hubbard CLASSIC is an excellent breeder and can produce an average of 148 chicks in 64 weeks. Its adaptability to any environment makes it an ideal product for temperate as well as tropical areas.


Breeder Firm unit 01- Komorpur Shaliagari, Raigonj , Sirajgonj

Breeder Firm unit 02- Lawta, Volta Bazar, Tarash, Sirajgonj

Hatchery- Kuchra Andra Shaliagari, Raigonj , Sirajgonj.