Featured Product

  • Lerbek

    Chemical Anticoccidials

  • Grownat

    Non Antibiotic Growth Promoter

  • Vitazyme

    Essential Multienzyme Solution

  • Zinc Plus

    Zinc sulfate + Vitamin C

  • Tolzuril

    Toltrazuril 2.5% Oral Solution

  • Neocin

    Soluble Powder

  • Nepromin

    Methenamine & Vitamins

  • Imoboost

    Liquid Immunopotentiator

  • Hepaliv

    Potentiated Liver tonic

  • E Sel Biotin

    Vitamin E, Selenium & Biotin

  • Amox 30% Vet

    An Ideal And Safe Broad Spectrum Antibiotic

  • Moxitin Vet

    Amoxicillin & Colistin

  • Ecotas

    Ensures Early Recovery

  • Vitazyme

     Essential Multienzyme Solution

  • Imoboost

    This is Imoboost Poultry Product

  • Cow

    This is Dairy Product

  • Milk

    This Is Dairy Product


  • Curry

    This Is Fish Product

  • Fish

    This Is Fish Product


    Oxidation: Autoxidation


    commonly referred to as lecithin


    Mold and Yeast inhibitiors


    complex containing multiple barriers to control nutritions


    Robenidine 6,6%


    Clopidol 20% + methylbenzoquate 1,67%


    Nicarbazin 8% + maduramycin Ammonium 0,75%


    Monensin Sodium 20% granulate


    Maduramycin Ammonium 1% granulate


    Salinomycin Sodium 12% granulate

Social Responsibilities

Planet Pharma Ltd. provides excellent service to its customers to become the partners of choice. Through business we create value and make difference. Our corporate service responsibility (CSR) are-

   Healthcare for employees and their families.
   Free consultation and technical services in poultry and dairy farming throughout the country.
   We always stand with our customers especially during natural disaster.
   City beautification
   Giving Award for a great achievement in Animal Health Sector in Bangladesh.